Keeping Up with Cultural Fashion is EXPENSIVE!

Reacting to a massive 5 percent tuition hike Marquette has announced for the 2018-2019 school year, Marquette Student Government is proposing a referendum to enable students to express their opinions about the increase and gain a clearer understanding of why it is needed.

In a Marquette Wire article about the referendum, student senator Joshua Steinfels-Saenz says there needs to be greater transparency about the tuition increase.

“Steinfels-Saenz said he wanted to pursue this referendum after Provost Daniel Myers came to a Feb. 26 student senate meeting and was asked about the tuition increase. Steinfels-Saenz said Myers gave several reasons for the tuition increase, inflation and payroll increases, but he said those reasons don’t add up. He said there is a 2.5 percent inflation rate next year, which is far below the nearly 5 percent tuition increase.”

Kudos to Mr. Steinfels-Saenz for looking out for his constituents and trying to hold the administration accountable. We recommend he and the entire student government look at two areas to find the reasons for the extraordinary increase:

  1. The inordinate amount of construction going on at Marquette currently.
  2. The massive and elaborate politically correct/anti-Catholic infrastructure the university has put in place and must now sustain.

We will here focus on area #2. Ironically, the vast majority of this politically correct/anti-Catholic infrastructure was put into place and is overseen by the very same Provost Dan Myers who gave a vague and disingenuous answer to students at the February 26 senate meeting.

(Disclaimer: We will no doubt be accused of racism, sexism, homophobia etc. for the following commentary. We reiterate, however, that our complaint is not against individuals or groups of individuals,  whom Our Lord commands us to love as we love ourselves, but against the idea of an institution that markets and prices itself as uniquely Catholic and Jesuit directing the tuition dollars of students and families toward activities that are irrelevant to and/or corrosive to that institution’s Catholic identity and academic integrity as well as its students’ understanding of the Catholic faith.)

For starters, Marquette’s Office of the Provost carries a staff of at least 65 individuals, many of whom are presumably well-compensated, holding titles like vice-provost, vice-president, executive director and dean. Clearly, a number of the functions performed by these individuals are entirely legitimate for the successful administration of the university. But, in some cases, we have our doubts.

For example, one entity under the Provost’s watch is the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. Myers created this office in 2015 “to elevate the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion at Marquette.” But, alas, despite a lengthy and lofty strategic plan and numerous initiatives and programs, Marquette is still pretty much all white and evidently, still racist (also here and here). The office’s Hispanic Initiatives include resources for undocumented students, not the least of which are university-funded grants and scholarships for non-citizens. The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion also houses Marquette’s Title IX coordinator who is presumably responsible for selecting the LGBTQ-agenda advancing Title IX vendor employed by the university.

Marquette Provost Dan Myers (left) stands with students counter protesting a pro-traditional marriage demonstration on campus in 2016.

Marquette Provost Dan Myers (left) stands with students counter protesting a pro-traditional marriage demonstration on campus in 2016.

Another entity under the Provost’s office is the Division of Student Affairs. While the division has been around for quite some time, Myers expanded it in 2015 to include a new LGBTQ Resource Center (host of the infamous Pride Prom). Also added to the division in 2015 was the Office of Intercultural Engagement, which, as far as we can tell, is a source of institutional reinforcement and reiteration of the race and LGBTQ agendas on campus, and is not to be confused with the CENTER for Intercultural Engagement which provides still more reinforcement and reiteration of the race and LGBTQ agendas on campus. Lastly, under the Division of Student Affairs is the Office of Residence Life, which championed the introduction of “transgendered bathrooms” at Marquette in 2015 and was recently exposed for forcing Resident Assistants to participate in Leftist “social justice” indoctrination in the student dorms.

Other entities under the Provosts Office include the Office of Community Engagement and Social Responsibility, created in 2016 as “a central clearinghouse for community engagement activities and promotion of the scholarship of engagement.” Got it? As an interesting aside, the Executive Director of the Office of Community Engagement, Dan Bergen, serves on the board of directors of the Cream City Foundation, an organization whose mission is to “mobilize philanthropic resources by harnessing the pride, passion, and commitment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies to advance the human rights and respond to the human needs of LGBTQ+ people in Southeastern Wisconsin.” As for what the Office of Community Engagement has actually accomplished in its two years of existence is anybody’s guess; all activities listed on its webpage appear to have already been in motion by 2016.

Marquette’s Center for Teaching and Learning is also under the auspices of the Office of the Provost. This center is charged with teaching Marquette teachers how to teach. It is also charged with teaching non-Catholic and under-catechized faculty and staff about the history and importance of Catholic higher education. The director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, however, is openly homosexual. So much for Catholic teaching.

Also inaugurated by Provost Myers in 2015, but not as part of his office, is the new and improved Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies (to replace the ignominious and disastrous Gender and Sexualities Resource Center). Like the Provost’s LGBTQ Center, Office of Intercultural Engagement and Center for Intercultural Engagement, this center also provides institutional reinforcement and reiteration of race and LGBTQ agendas on campus. (Are we seeing a pattern here?)

We move now to the Office of Mission and Ministry. This office is, presumably, most directly charged with preserving and advancing Marquette’s Catholic identity. And yet, despite some good efforts, through the Office of Mission and Ministry we get: anti-Catholic Marquette Mission Weeks, LGBTQ Glitter Ashes on Ash Wednesday, LGBTQ Masses,  LGBTQ+ prayer services, LGBTQ indoctrination from the university’s Center for Ignatian Spirituality, and a Center for Peacemaking which for nearly ten years has been little more than a training center for progressive political activism.

(We submit that, if Marquette wants to shed its Catholic past and fully embrace contemporary culture, it can do so with a lot less bureaucracy and expense — simply surrender to the secular tsunami and let it do its thing. Works every time. )

So student senators … in your quest for answers, we highly recommend that you ask Dr. Myers and other Marquette administrators:

  • How much do all these positions, offices and activities cost and where does the money to pay for them come from?
  • What demonstrable value do they bring to the education of students or the betterment of Marquette’s culture as a Catholic, Jesuit university?
  • Why does a Catholic university invest so heavily in things that have little to do with/are often contrary to its Catholic identity?
  • Why should students not transfer to public colleges and universities which offer the same secularized higher education at half or less the cost?

In the meantime, however, you and your families better get busy finding those extra tuition dollars.