Don’t worry, the soul-scuttling, gay-activist juggernaut at Marquette University is alive and well! Evidently hoping to avoid having to explain yet again why their CATHOLIC university is promoting lifestyles that destroy bodies, minds, and (most especially) souls, Marquette University administration has seen fit to keep the following activities more under the radar this year than in the past. BUT– we found out about them anyway and present them here for you to consider and ask: what part of Marquette’s $56,660/year education is actually Catholic? Remember, the following are not student-initiated events. These are University-initiated AND SPONSRED (i.e. paid for ) events.


Last year, Marquette achieved national infamy by becoming the first CATHOLIC university to host a PRIDE PROM. So, naturally, why not do it again this year?


But why stop there? What better way to follow-up on Pride Prom than with a full week of university-sponsored events supporting and encouraging mortal sin?

Pride Week 2019

Lavender Graduation   

And to top it all off — a Lavender Graduation!

The public relations folks at Marquette — well schooled in the art of deflecting public criticism via vague and euphemistic language — shrewdly recommended branding the university’s Lavender Graduation as a “UNITY” graduation, but it is, in fact, a Lavender Graduation. Lavender Graduations occur at colleges and universities all across the country “to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to the University.”

Unity Grad 2019

For those who might think we are being unfair in assuming Marquette’s “Unity” graduation is a “Lavender” graduation, know that Marquette itself identifies it as such in its own advertisement for a new assistant director for LGBTQ + programs and services (see #2 under “Duties and Responsibilities”). Incidentally, if you’re interested in the LGBTQ assistant director position, it’s already been filled by pro-gay, pro-abortion Dr. Elizabeth Stigler. Sorry)

In the end, perhaps “Unity” is a better word for this event. It showcases the Orwellian Newspeak lexicon of contemporary higher education by which — in the name of inclusivity, diversity and unity — they bitterly divide and separate the human family into factions of ethnicity, ideology and sexual preference.

Pray for the souls and minds Marquette University students and for the conversion of Marquette University administration!