In a poorly written but nonetheless powerful editorial, the student staff of the Marquette Tribune make clear what Marquette administration has hitherto proven too cowardly to admit: in order to be recognized as the bastion of Progressivism it seeks to be, Marquette must abandon its Catholic identity and foundation.

The editorial states, “There are competing value systems on and around Marquette’s campus” and that these “competing values underscore (the) lack of total acceptance for LGBTQ community.” In the print version of the article, the photo caption reads, “A petition asking for the upcoming campus Pride Prom’s cancellation has stirred a conversation about traditional vs. progressive values.”

Pride Prom UCLA 2011

Pride Prom UCLA 2011

The editorial lists the many milestones the LGBTQ movement has made on campus (plus – see our compilation here), and then points out, “But Marquette is a Catholic-Jesuit institution, and the consequences of both the university’s affiliation with, and individual’s connection to, those values can, at times, manifest as intolerance.”

Later the writers cite instances of discrimination against homosexual persons in the United States government and at University of Madison from the 1940s through the 1960s. Evidently this has something to do with Marquette’s alleged adherence to intolerant Catholic values.

They conclude, “Our histories are blighted with discrimination, and it does not only or always come from traditional Catholic values — faith-based organizations are often among the strongest community advocates — but the competing value systems on campus are apparent … It is a difficult task, to reconcile social norms with tradition, and as with any inclusion effort, creating a safe and accepting community requires support and understanding from everybody â€” faculty, staff and students alike.”

In short, it’s time to lose those intolerant, discriminatory Catholic values and replace them with accepting, inclusive Progressive values.

Most revealing in all this is what it tells us about what these students are being taught by their Marquette (and other) instructors and, evidently, accepting without question:

  • There is no sin in participating in or promoting homosexual activity
  • Catholicism is just another value system among many
  • Progressive values are new, more enlightened and better
  • The extent to which Catholicism does not line up with Progressive orthodoxy is the extent to which it is intolerant and discriminatory
  • The LGBTQ movement is a legitimate and righteous civil rights movement no different than the 20th century struggles for equal rights among women and African Americans
  • Opposition to LGBTQ efforts and activities is thus necessarily demonstration of intolerance and discrimination

That each of these premises is categorically false, sadly, no longer matters at Marquette. To those who accept them as true, the mathematics add up. Regardless, despite false premises, our student editorialists arrive at the correct answer: Catholicism and Progressivism cannot coexist.

Over the years, the marketing and public relations arm of Marquette has put considerable time and effort into stage managing the fiction that a Catholic university is a magical place where good and evil can exist side by side in a kind of yin yang harmony that ultimately enriches the hearts and minds of young people. Indeed, despite howling protest from Catholics and conservative Christians, Marquette staunchly defends its contention that Pride Prom is consistent with its Catholic values and is even willing to publicly misrepresent the Catechism of the Catholic Church in doing so.

True Catholics and true Progressives know this harmony is a lie, and each side lobbies Marquette to show some courage and commit one way or the other.

Pride Prom makes it clear in vivid, glittering rainbow colors which side Marquette has chosen.