Marquette University recently announced the establishment of its new LGBT + Alumni Council and will be hosting a special reception for the group on March 31. To our knowledge, this is the University’s first alumni group based on sexual preference. As one of our Facebook commenters noted, perhaps this is the start of a new […]

Continue to increase awareness of Marquette’s affronts to the Catholic brand it claims to represent through our: Website Facebook Twitter email 2. Work to protect students from being misled about actual Catholic teaching. Continue to increase awareness of Marquette’s affronts to the Catholic brand it claims to represent through our: Promote and fund (in some […]

Marquette’s new University-financed and operated Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Resource Center needs your help. “We are looking to build up our library! If you would like to donate books that reference gender and sexuality issues, please drop them off during our business hours.” Given that Marquette is a Catholic University, we presume they would […]

Marquette has, once again, decided to mock the faith upon which it was founded (that would be Catholic), this time by proudly becoming the eighth Jesuit college or university to offer gender-neutral bathrooms. Why? Mary Janz, Marquette’s Director of Residence Life, said the move was made because more transgender persons are advocating for their rights. […]

Respect for Life LGBTQ Month at Marquette

Life LGBTQ Month at Marquette">

Respect for Life LGBTQ Month at Marquette Marquette, Georgetown and other Catholic colleges and universities have been exposed for replacing pro-life awareness activities with LGBTQ activities over the course of October, “Respect for Life Month.” Indeed, a quick search of Marquette’s website shows that LGBTQ activities have abounded over the month of October while Pro-Life […]

The Cardinal Newman Society profiles the Louis Joliet Society. Read it here! “Catholicism at Marquette has been almost entirely supplanted by a secularized, ersatz Christianity often referred to as ‘Ignatian Spirituality.’” Additionally, Jarvis shared that there are many who see the Louis Joliet Society’s efforts as “extreme, bizarre or pointless because they cannot comprehend the crisis […]

Marquette is hiring! They are looking for a Coordinator for LGBTQ Programs and Services to facilitate the university’s new LGBTQ Resource Center. Savvy employer that it is, the Catholic university is advertising for the position in publications like Seasons of Pride LGBT Queer Gay Jobs “the LGBT community’s leading online recruitment portal for gay, queer […]

The Marquette Board of Trustees approved a motion put forth by President Michael Lovell and Provost Dan Myers to rescind the honorary degree conferred about comedian Bill Cosby in 2013 because he “engaged in behaviors that go entirely against our university’s mission and the Guiding Values we have worked so hard to instill on our […]

Marquette alumnus Aaron Ledesma, age 23, has recently been dragged into the public spotlight because he was invited by President Obama to come to the White House on September 23 to welcome Pope Francis. Why was he offered such an honor?  Because Aaron blogs about being both Catholic and openly gay. Naturally, the university is […]

On August 27, Marquette’s new provost, Dan Myers, announced that changes would be made to Marquette’s now infamous Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.  This is good news! Hitherto, the Center has been little more than a tuition-funded sexual perversion laboratory only slightly less radical than those you will find on any run-of-the-mill public college or […]