17Jan 2018

Openly Gay Professor Leads Catholic Identity Instruction for New Faculty Thirteen years ago, Marquette’s Chair of Catholic Theology Dr. Patrick Carey recognized that an increasing number of new faculty at Marquette were not Catholic and/or had no meaningful understanding of the Catholic faith. Believing, we presume, this was a deficiency at a Catholic university, Carey […]

17Aug 2017

For roughly 2,700 years, the Judeo-Christian tradition has maintained that while we human beings are all sinners, that fact does not give us license to excuse or condone our sin or the sin of others, and that certain sins are so evil they actually “cry to heaven for vengeance.” These sins include murder (Gn 4:10), […]

01Aug 2017

The enemies of the Catholic intellectual tradition are gaining ground at Marquette University as the once great institution plans to further eradicate its reason for being by dumbing down its own Core of Common studies. “The Core is one of the most important aspects of a Marquette undergraduate education, central to our character and mission […]

08Feb 2017

SEE UPDATE BELOW… Marquette University claims not only to be a Catholic school itself but also to be so competent in that role that it can shepherd other area Catholic schools in their Catholic mission and practice. The university established its Institute for Catholic Leadership for this purpose. According to its website, “The Institute for […]

28Jun 2016

Please sign our petition asking Dr. Lovell and the Marquette Board of Trustees to approve the funding and construction of a Marian Grotto on Marquette campus. “One night, while Ignatius was praying, ‘he distinctly saw the Blessed Mother of God with the Holy Infant Jesus! And at this sight, for quite some time, he was […]

14Apr 2016

In Marquette’s latest attempt at damage control regarding the McAdam’s fiasco, there are many points worthy of address. Dr. McAdams appears to have already done so quite readily. But one of the FAQs of particular interest to the Louis Joliet Society was this:“Is this an issue related to Marquette’s Catholic identity? We have taken the […]