10Apr 2018

You may recall the name Marquette Empowerment. They are the student group who unapologetically vandalized Marquette For Life’s (also a student group) Memorial of the Unborn not once but three times in 2016, and received no punishment whatsoever from the university for doing so. On Monday, Marquette Empowerment’s current president, who identifies as “queer,” was […]

06Apr 2018

In a poorly written but nonetheless powerful editorial, the student staff of the Marquette Tribune make clear what Marquette administration has hitherto proven too cowardly to admit: in order to be recognized as the bastion of Progressivism it seeks to be, Marquette must abandon its Catholic identity and foundation. The editorial states, “There are competing […]

06Apr 2018

The main event: “Pride Prom” — the first ever such celebration of the mortal sin of homosexual activity at a Catholic university — happens April 14, 2018. Marquette’s LGBTQ community, of course, has a whole week of activities planned ramping up to the big night. The university at large has also been working hard, all […]

30Mar 2018

Marquette University’s latest mandatory Title IX training for faculty and staff picks up where last year’s left off: shoving the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of participants. Some examples: Right off the bat, in the training overview, participants are shown an image of “intimate partner violence” featuring two men as the intimate partners: Next is […]

31Jan 2018

Progressives Proclaim the Death of Orthodoxy at Once-Catholic Marquette University A promising concept in its beginnings, Marquette Mission Week has devolved into an annual farce wherein the university brings high-profile Progressive activists to campus to explain to uncatechized students and faculty why aspects of the Progressive political agenda–socialism, global warming, Black Lives Matter–need to be […]