Progressives Proclaim the Death of Orthodoxy at
Once-Catholic Marquette University

Sr. Simone Campbell out in front of Planned Parenthood speaking at the Planned Parenthood-sponsored Women’s March in Washington, D.C., January 2017

A promising concept in its beginnings, Marquette Mission Week has devolved into an annual farce wherein the university brings high-profile Progressive activists to campus to explain to uncatechized students and faculty why aspects of the Progressive political agenda–socialism, global warming, Black Lives Matter–need to be included within or used to replace current Catholic teaching. This is accompanied, of course, by much self-congratulating among Marquette leaders for the “important” and “courageous” discussions they have facilitated through Mission Week … at which virtually all participants agree with each other about everything.

This year, however, Marquette leadership is adding extra insult to its yearly injury to Catholic identity by bringing in two particularly obnoxious celebrity heretics: pro-gay agenda Fr. James Martin, S.J., and pro-gay agenda, pro-abortion, pro-women priests etc. etc. etc. Nun on The Bus Sister Simone Campbell. If you are not familiar with these individuals, we recommend you read the following:

An intriguing speaker by comparison this year is Eve Tushnet. Declaring “really like being gay and I really like being Catholic,” Tushnet has publicly stated her support for the Church’s teaching on sexual morality and marriage and has even opposed Fr. James Martin’s trite embrace of the gay agenda and deliberate misrepresentation of Catholic teaching. It’s beyond ironic that the only advocate for actual Catholic teaching at this event will be a lay, same-sex attracted convert, but such is the state of the Church these days. Regardless of her noteworthy stance, Tushnet’s cheerful embrace of the LGBTQ movement and lexicon is highly problematic and will likely only add to the confusion around the “Catholic / gay” issue.

And that is precisely the objective for Progressives: obfuscate, distort, confuse … and lead astray. Within the contemporary Catholic Church, the Progressives’ most effective tool for achieving this is a concept known as the “seamless garment.” The seamless garment provides pseudo-theological justification for the re-branding of Progressive pet causes — capital punishment, racism, poverty, gay rights, immigration, global warming etc. –as “pro-life” issues, thus rendering them moral issues equally as urgent if not more so than what is in truth the primary evil of our time — the murder of unborn children.

This is a highly cynical (Luciferian?) tactic as Human Life International President, Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, points out:

While the Church teaches that there are moral and social issues that are of greater gravity than others, the ‘seamless garment’ mentality is a form of moral relativism that bulldozes these crucial moral distinctions. It is a philosophy that provides the death peddlers with the tools for deflecting attention from the abhorrent evils plaguing humanity and our cultures.”  (Read more here.)

You see? If support for open borders, “gay marriage,” and climate change regulations are equally as “pro-life” as the defense of the unborn, then focusing too much on the abortion issue is clearly a mark of extremism, and questioning or opposing the other “pro-life” issues is illogical and uncharitable. By equating social complexities with intrinsic evils, the seamless garment makes moral decision making impossible. Hence the majority of “Catholics” use contraception, vote for pro-abortion candidates and support “gay marriage.”

This is the new Catholicism that Fr. Martin, Sister Campbell, Marquette University and many others are championing, and it is nothing short of idolatry: the replacement of the Catholic Church — the Mystical Body of Christ — with Leftist demagoguery. And in a world of uncatechized Catholics and church-hating secularists, their efforts are proving quite effective.

Marquette claims ” the search for truth” as its mission. Mission Week, however, particularly this year, shows that Marquette’s actual mission — like countless other post-Christian universities desperate for the acceptance of their secular peers — is to hide the truth beneath the seamless garment and advance the secular Progressive agenda.

Dear Marquette, your seamless garment is a funeral pall.