Marquette University just can’t seem to get its story straight on its gender-neutral/transgender bathrooms.

We recently posted about the University’s dismissive reply to a prominent Marquette alumna who wrote to Dr. Lovell expressing her concerns about the university’s new gender-neutral bathrooms intended to accommodate “transgender” students. Nothing to worry about, they assured her, merely a routine change of signage to make things more convenient for everyone. She knew better and told them so. She was ignored.

Well it looks like it’s time for our alumna and everyone else to write the administration again.

An April 4 story about the university’s first reception for its new LGBTQ alumni group, (subject of our next post), declares, “Marquette is working to install more gender-neutral restrooms to include those who identify as transgender. The options started popping up on campus last semester. ‘We were able to have gender-inclusive restrooms during the trans conference, and it went fine,’ Harris said. ‘So we’re looking to have more permanent restrooms in the Alumni Memorial Union.’”

The Harris quoted is Dr. Angelique Harris, associate cultural and social sciences professor and Marquette’s new and improved Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies (the old one didn’t end so well you may recall.).The “trans conference” Dr. Harris refers to was held at Marquette last November – the first ever at a Jesuit university. The event was co-sponsored by Marquette University’s new LGBTQ Resource Center and, naturally, its Office of Mission & Ministry.

Curiously, while this story about the university’s first reception for its new LGBTQ alumni group is headlined in the online version of Marquette’s student newspaper, the story itself cannot be accessed. This has been the case for several days. Could be nothing more than a faulty link. Or it could be that the university wants to make it difficult for readers to see that, in fact, Marquette officially IS instituting transgender bathrooms despite having denied doing so to concerned alumni, students and staff.

Fortunately, someone sent the press release out to UWire who posted it as requested. Once again, the true story makes Marquette look ridiculous on all fronts.