In a sad case of the willfully blind leading the willfully blind, Marquette University has announced it is removing the name of former university president Robert A. Wild, S.J. from the just-opened dormitory it erected in his name: “Wild Commons.” As the Marquette Wire reports, the sign identifying the building has already been removed.

This is painful but unsurprising news. Fr. Wild’s involvement in the cover-up of notorious homosexual pederast Fr. Donald McGuire has been known for years and was first highlighted locally by, of course, Dr. John McAdams in 2011. But now that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is launching a full-scale investigation into the Archdiocese of Chicago (Wild was Provincial Superior of the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus from 1985 to 1991), it looks like it’s time to come clean.

As has been reported numerous times, the Jesuits — including Fr. Robert Wild — did little to stop McGuire from his pederast rampage (see 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013). After serving as Provincial Superior General, Fr. Wild, of course, went on to become the beloved president of Marquette University and his associate, Fr. Robert J. Geisinger, S.J., went on to be named Pope Francis’ chief prosecutor of serious church law violations, including child sexual abuse, in 2014. So much for justice.

Well today, perhaps inspired by the inevitable expose the AG’s investigation will produce (ala Pennsylvania) and/or by the fact that former Marquette President Fr. Scott Pilarz saw fit to remove the names of cover-up bishops and priests from buildings named after them at the University of Scranton, Father Wild issued a long overdue mea culpa and — to his credit — requested that his own name be taken off of the Reverend Robert J. Wild Commons.

It’s sad. But once again, one has to ask, if “everybody knew,”  how were things allowed to advance this far in the first place? It would seem St. Thomas Aquinas has the answer: “Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution.”

Pray for Fr. Wild. Pray for Marquette. Pray for our Catholic Church.