Marquette alumna Kelly Enriquez (right) with colleagues at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (Note the Planned Parenthood logo on Ms. Enriquez’s scrubs and the “Planned Parenthood” name tag of the woman on the left.)

Is “Catholic and Jesuit” Marquette University promoting the murder of babies? Well… yes. In this now-deleted tweet from the University’s main Twitter account, Marquette salutes one of its recent graduates who is a proud “Reproductive Health Assistant” at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. (Reminder: Planned Parenthood is our nation’s leading baby-murdering organization.)

Whoops! Well at least the University realized its mistake and took the tweet down. But wait… why take it down? Marquette has nearly bankrupted itself in attempting to be deemed WOKE by the cultural elite. Does the University mean to imply by deleting this tweet that it does not support “a woman’s right to choose”? Is there something wrong with this heroic alumna serving as a “reproductive health assistant”? Does the university just roll over whenever some foam-flecked Trumpist raises a stink about “Catholic identity”? What’s next – will the university stop providing healthcare benefits to “same-sex partners”, will it discontinue  condom distribution on campus, Pride Prom, Drag Queen Story Hours on campus , pro-abortion speakers, pro-communist speakers?  What’s a Social Justice Warrior to think?

No. Sadly this is just another embarrassing example of the bankruptcy of morality, leadership, diligence, intelligence and just plain common sense at one of the nation’s once great Catholic universities.

Thank you, Mr. Matt Walsh for bringing this to our (and the entire country’s) attention.