“Drag Queens” and some other poor woman at Catholic, Jesuit Marquette University “Community Day” October 12, 2019.

The Louis Joliet Society has learned that Marquette University hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour as part of its Community Day celebration on October 12, 2019 at the university’s Haggerty Museum of Art

According to an article about the event in the student-produced  Marquette Wire, “The Haggerty used to hold Family Days once a semester, but this is the first time the event is being held after being rebranded to Community Day. Family Days was also based around an exhibit on display at the Haggerty at the time, but the activities were targeted toward a different audience.”


Everyone should be pleased that Wisconsin’s premiere Catholic educational institution has courageously joined the bandwagon of depraved lunacy hell-bent on warping children (the American College of Pediatricians calls these events “child abuse”), mocking women and, most importantly, mocking God. Once again, note: this is NOT some rogue student group activity. This is a Marquette University funded event. Presumably tuition dollars are at least part of this funding.

Speaking of the bandwagon, the seemingly spontaneous explosion of Drag Queen Story Hours (DQSH) across the country is actually (wait for it…) a well-organized campaign fueled by funds extorted from corporate cowards.

Locally, the gay-activist extortionists call themselves the Cream City Foundation. While the foundation has been around for some time, they just recently founded “Drag Queen Story Hour Milwaukee.” The “mission” for “DQSHmke” is “to educate all ages about progressive social justice & human growth and development issues through literature and reading.”

And since Marquette University is now the vanguard of all things “progressive and social justicey,” the once-Catholic university is heavily vested in the success of the Cream City Foundation. Marquette hosted Cream City’s “State of the Foundation” event on campus in the spring of 2018. It is among the proud (?) sponsors of Cream City’s Business Equality Luncheon. And two Marquette administrators are members of the Board of Directors of the gay-activist organization.

Some of our local corporations fueling the disintegration of Western civilization, because they are afraid of being identified as “homophobic.” Courage!

Marquette and other once-great Catholic universities will often justify their betrayal of the faith by citing the difficult position they find themselves in, trying to educate an increasing diversity of hearts and minds in an increasingly secular world. Hmmm. What does funding and hosting a party at which grown men dress like female-ish clowns and twerk in front of six-year-olds have to do with Marquette’s mission?

This is a purely gratuitous expression of contempt for Catholic identity, morality, human decency and sanity.

Lord have mercy on us all!

For more images from the event, click here. If DQSHMKE takes them down, don’t worry, they have been archived.

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