She’s gone. Reports are that no one’s heard anything. She’s just gone.

Marquette University’s brand new pro-abortion, pro-bondage-discipline-sadism-and-masochism LGBTQ Resource Center Assistant Director, Dr. Elizabeth Stigler, hired last January to much fanfare, has evidently vanished with nary a word.

So what happened?

As of last March she was “acclimating to her new position” but now, just as the new academic year is beginning, she’s gone. No further mentions of her in Marquette Wire, no listing of her name under “staff” on the Marquette LGBTQ Resource Center webpage, no mention of her whatsoever on the Marquette LGBTQ Resource Center Facebook page, clicking on her linked name in a webpage from last spring brings up a message which reads, “Elizabeth Stigler can no longer be reached at this Marquette University email address. Please direct all messages for this individual to .”   Joya Crear is the university’s Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

And yet Dr. Stigler’s Linked-In page still lists her as “Assistant Director- LGBTQ+ Programs and Resources at Marquette University.” Curious, no?

Ah Ha! We found her!  According to her alma mater, the University of Kansas, “Liz is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Women, Gender & Sexualities Studies program at MIAMI University for the 2019-2020 academic year.”

Wait, what? So what happened? Did she just get a better gig and blow off Marquette? Looks like it. OR… is this another Jodi O’Brien fiasco?

An enterprising young Marquette student journalist might just want to look into this. Could be a big story, and Social Justice demands the truth be known! Was this poor woman a victim of Marquette’s schizophrenic attempts at Catholic identity? Did our Louis Joliet Society story about Dr. Stigler being a NARAL/BDSM activist have anything to do with it? Did angry donors tell the administration to dump her? OR — again — did she just get a better gig and blow off Marquette?

These things happen. But it does once again beg the question: why does Marquette keep putting itself in these positions? Wouldn’t just actually being a CATHOLIC university be a lot easier?